I Got the Pox, the Pox Is What I Got (Remastered and Expanded)

A 11 track lo-fi album (56m 18s) — released January 17th 2020 on Audio Antihero/Old Money Records

Originally released in October 2009, Benjamin Shaw's debut EP is reissued an a remastered and expanded format with outtakes, demos and live recordings from the period, as well as the original unused artwork. Featuring fan favourites like "When I Fell over in the City", "Chocolate Girl" and the sprawling dissonant title track.

Originally billed as "Six and a half songs of nausea, noise and hilarious anecdote", Shaw's eclectic ans beguiling debut found praise and support from BBC 6 Music, The Skinny, The Line of Best Fit and many more. Though it was just the beginning of the story with Shaw releasing a slew of acclaimed (and occassionally despised) albums that veer ever deeper into electronic, noise and experimentalism, the core of this debut remained constant in his work, humour and hatred, love and loathing.

A piece of work that could stand the test of time...The solitude is palpable. - Gold Flake Paint

It’s a reminder that some of the most powerful emotions can bloom from the simplest of raw moments. - Drowned in Sound

You wouldn't want everyone (or anyone else) to sound to like Benjamin Shaw but I'm delighted someone does. - The Line of Best Fit

Benjamin Shaw is an outcast, a loner, a maverick and a freak. All of these are compliments. - CLASH Music

Shaw may be pop's outsider - something many outlets noted upon his entry into the world of music - but with this release, he shows a faint desire to join the central fold. Perhaps it's due to resolute defeat, but still, that counts, right? - The 405

Imagine yourself sitting in an empty room. All the lights are off. You just had a fight with your mom. Your skin feels like it’s crawling with ants and your fingers are shaking from the coffee you had late in the afternoon. Your nails dig into the back of your head and you tug at your hair, wondering how hard you could pull before you finally rip it out of your skull. That’s what it feels like to listen to Benjamin Shaw. - Atwood Magazine

Though to focus on terrible feelings as a beginning and end is to miss the point.…To flatten this into the trope of anti-social introvert misses the true admixture of forces at work—the guilt, the shame, the dreams impossible to achieve. The promises that could never be kept, the nostalgia for things that never existed. - Various Small Flames

Puts you right beside its maker as he helplessly glares at himself in the mirror. But the music that soundtracks those dark moments is as beautiful as it is morose. - The Alternative

A chameleon of genres, the Melbourne-based Shaw has drifted through washes of shoegaze and fields of electronica, melding dissonant drones and folk affectations into an incredibly singular and raw brand of confessional music, its ennui palpable. - Dimestore Saints

Benjamin Shaw doesn’t so much wear his heart on his sleeve as beam it into the sky like a sort of troubadour superhero...It’s a rich and honest album, and one well worth exploring. - Echoes & Dust

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